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OK, I have already posted this in another thread but there is little action in it so I'll post here too. I cannot be the only one that has field-charged with the battery in the Tx

"""I have been charging my Aurora at the field with the battery in the Tx for a few months now ( yes I now know, bad bad, don't do it!! ) and I have now smoked it

Since warranty wont cover it I opened it up and looked it over, it looks similar to the reverse polarity damage up top. Not as much soot on the PCB but EC1 is definitely toasted... It was shorted but de-soldering it (will get new one later) does not fix the issue, the Aurora is still dead. Got a hint to look at the DC/DC converter below it (IC3). It is marked F150 does anyone know this type of converter?

The picture of the burnt component I am referring to is here:

guantamanera has kindly supplied info on the Capacitor, but as said, if anyone knows anything about the DC/DC at IC3 please let me know.

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I burnt my too, but I have not replaced the burn capacitor yet. I just unshorted it by lifting the metal plate, and it works but I'll replace it as soon as the festivities pass and I have some time. I contacted hitec and the here is what they told me.

Tantalum capacitor (16V, 47uF, 20%).
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