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Originally Posted by 3D-Dabbler View Post
Thanks Geeby! I just tried out the calculator and it seems to be giving me odd results. The recommended power setup is way Under Powered.

This was for a 70" 3D HobbyShop Slick. Here is what I entered. 3D flight, 4 kg, 61.3 sq. dm and 8S.

The results were 1350 W. That is way to low for 3D 1800 Watts to 2200 Watts is what I expected.

Battery capacity was fine but discharge rate was off. It recommended a minimum of 15C where I don't think I would fly with anything less than 20C on that setup.

Propeller was also off. It recommended 15.8 x 7.8. That will not move the plane. The smallest prop for 3D for a plane this size would be an 18x10.
Thanks 3D Dabbler,
My purpose was for middle plane. I will take into account your remarks for extrem 3D fly... with Abott formula the traction is too low ,)
However, the motor power is a "marketing" value, and I prefer use the weight.
For the discharge rate, it's the min value, and for reliability and durability, you take advantage to increase this value...
In any case, I will increase the power for 3D fly...
For the propeller, the pitch depends of motor kv...
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