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Just a random question... and a couple "Thank Yous"

Just curious as to how many people REALLY look at my blog on here? The little counter thing says some huge number all the time, but how many people acctually take the time to look at the stuff I write on here? If you regularly come here an see what Im up to, please post something and let me know! If you just recently stumbled over my insanity, put something up and let me know!

In other news...

My wonderful wife Kristy, Kmopar69 here on RCG, has also quit smoking! She is doing great and hasn't killed anyone (yet). Im very proud of her and Im sure she will keep it up and do great! Love ya honey!

And then there is this...

I recently posted a "Wanted" add here on RCG looking for a used micro cub or similar plane (this one). About a day later, I get a PM from a fella named "andersot" offering to send me a Vapor for free! I told him I would be happy to pay for it, but he insisted. So, we not have a Vapor on the way over here for some indoor flying. Thank you Andersot!

Then "justplainold" sent me a PM offering up a couple of the "brick" batteries. Man, I tell ya, I just cant get over the kindness and generosity of all of you guys here on RCG! Thanks Justplainold!

Just shortly after that, I got a PM from another fella named Garret H. Garret H saw my thread, and offered to send me money to help buy a indoor plane. Of course I told him thank you, but I couldnt let him do that. So, instead, ol' Garret H "one upped" that... He started a thread to raise money to buy us two indoor planes! (this one). Well, didnt take Garret H long and he got reported by some dillweed and earned a couple warning points, but not before he collected enough money to order us two planes! Looks like we have a couple of the new PZ Champ ultra micro planes on the way here! Thank you everyone on RCG that helped out with that one! The guys will have a ball with them! And to the guy who reported Garret H... you will get yours buddy. What comes around goes around!

And are the man!

Lastly, I want to thank Deckert one more time. I FINALLY got myself and one of the guys out and we flew the Lee Ulinger Edge 540s that he got custom made and donated to us. Yes it was "illegal" to fly them outside here on KAF, and yes it could get me in a mess of trouble, but dang it, we just couldn't let them sit here!
Castle, Venom, BMK, LUM, APC and Empire all pitched in along with a substantial amount from Deckert himself to get 5 complete setups over here to us. We got two of them out today and had a BLAST! I flew about 25 minutes. Man it felt good! Im not a 3D guy at all, but those planes are awesome! REALLY powerful, good sized, fast, responsive, just all out fun! We got some pretty good video and we will get it up loaded asap. I'll post it in my blog when its up.

Lastly, I'll toss up a couple random photos from recent times. Just so you have something to look at too!


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