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Originally Posted by JPee View Post
Hi Guys,

I stuffed my 500 ESP. As you can see the frame is broken on both side so it must be replaced.

My question to you is, you have both the standard 500 ESP and new version 500 right?

Are the frames that much different?

If so....... Should/could I replace and upgrade to the new frame?

Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!

The stock 500ESP frames are $65.00.

BTW I was flying my stock T-28 the other day and a guy came in that has 7 of them! yes 7 of them in different set ups. He had a new Eflite motor called a Eflite 10. Ivan, that 28 was dead on fast! He had a 40 amp ESC. He also had larger wheels too. He had made axle sleeves out of some small copper bushing material kinda like a ballpoint pen cartridge brass and slipped that over the T-28 axles as a filler to compensate for the larger hole in the larger wheels. Then he put an axle lock with a set screw on eachside of the wheel to hold it perfectly upright and straight. I have to tell you that thing ran down the runway it had no drift as he was lifting off nor did it wander and make him fight the rudder on landing to keep it straight on the money. Food for thought.

JPEE, WOW, you stuffed that one good. In regards to the newer frames. The new frames are cut down in the front battery tray area. With the older frame, you would have to run the battery pretty far forward to clear the canopy. The new frame allowed for bigger batteries and positioning further back without any canopy issues. If you had issues with canopy clearance with your old batteries, you might try the new frames.

You may even try the HK500 frames or even EXI. I recently learned I could get a bottom bracket for like $4 through Xheli where I was paying $17 for an Align one that came with a bunch of stuff I never broke. If you need a battery tray or three, let me know!!

$65 through Hobby King.

$29 through Xheli

Thanks a lot for the info on the motor for the T28. I think what he had was the E-Flite Power 10. That is actually the motor I am probably going to get. I have a Tower Pro 40A ESCs here that need a home so that motor will be perfect. People rave about unlimited vertical with an 11x7 prop and that motor.

I like the idea of larger wheels. They just dragged the infield of the diamond I fly off of and now the dirt is all loose and spongy. I can barely take off with either the T28 or the Extra.
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