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Originally Posted by Sammy70 View Post
Did the flaps help much on landings?
I mixed in some down elevator with the flaps. I dont know if it helps you land better, but it does slow down the speed you need for landing. Frankly, once I figured out that you need to allways land on the rears first.....I never had a problem with landing. You might think that 3 point landings are ideal...but with the firewall being the weak area, touching down on the mains first is the way to go.
Try this nifty trick on your landings. Get the plane 50 feet in the air and 50 feet from the edge of the runway. Cut power completely. See what the plane does....with no elevator inputs, it should have a 20-30 degree glide slope.....trim your, move the battery back or forward, adjust trims....until you get the right glide slope.....slight flair at touchdown to get the mains to touch first and youre down.
I make these trims on low rates....I land and take off on low rates.
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