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Originally Posted by egaus View Post
Still down for flying on Thursday at Marymoor. Yarden/Eron - come on out! Where you guys been flying?

Sorry Eric, I'm not gonna make it out tonight. Plenty of stuff to do at home. Need to finish building the Shuriken v2 (have to wait for a replacement s3115 servo though, got a defective one), need to take the YS56 out of my Knight 3D and tear that apart and inspect (had an overheating scare). Need to work on rewiring both my tricopter and Funtana for cleanliness and less RF interference on the funtana (elevator goes wild if too close to TX antenna). And that's just stuff I have to do for my RC gear lol.

Plus, Marymoor + Helis =/= fun. I'd rather fly pretty much anywhere else. The runway is amazing but having only one airplane atm, and lack of flexibility while flying, not for me. I might show my face there once or twice a season lol. I've been flying at Cascade heli club mostly. A bit of rogue park flying every once in awhile, and I'll go to 60A if / when it's open.

Oh, Chet; sorry but I accidentally stole that servo extension!! I forgot to give it back after we searched for Vitter's plane. Sorry we couldn't find it Vitter, if you like I can send you the video, it is much easier to see detail on a computer monitor than what we saw out in the field. If you scour it in slow motion you may see a flash of color or something that might be the plane.
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