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The transparent brownish yellow tape like seen there at DealExtreme is often called (and may even be) Kapton tape, it is much used for covering bare wires and potential short spots on batteries.

It provides insulation without adding much bulk or thickness to the battery covering.

The Kapton tape is a very good insulator and very resistant to puncture or breakdown. It is typically rated to have a dialectric strength of like 3,000V to 4,000V or so per mil (0.001") of thickness.

I had not thought of using that tape and don't have any of it.

Heliskip, let us know if you get some and it works out well for insulating stators. The challenging part of using it will be to get it to wrap the sharp corners and and complex curves on the stator arms without breaking down and losing the insulation qualities. The adhesive on the tape may help with all that.

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