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Originally Posted by Derek_S View Post
It is said to be 700w. If you look closely at the 4th or so picture, you will see it says FOX-700 (700mw). They also have a 400mw on there somewhere.

Now, apparently some Chinese mfg's do not really know/care what MW really is, as somewhere I have seen it reported teh MW rating is usally much lower (and maybe mw is mistakenly being translated from mah power consumption?)

I have talked to Alex via pm breifly about this unit. He is not impressed and I think he said he estimated (or read someone else did) that is is more like 150mw output.
Unimpressed is a fairly accurate statement. The Rx in the BOB system is fair. It isn't quite as sensitive as the Comtech units I use on my 900 system, but it works ok. The TX leaves much to be desired, though. Output power varies greatly with frequency. At 1280 mine is putting out much less than 700 mW. It seems to be somewhere between 150mW and 300 mW depending on how hot the unit gets. It does put out closer to 700 mW on other channels, though.

However when I did my range tests I forgot the most important thing. I had my cell phone in my pocket. That probably cut my range by 40%. I just flew my Moxon yesterday and got out 3000' with a much clearer signal than usual because I left my cell phone on the bench 50 feet behind me. I will be retesting it soon.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my 900MHz system from dpcav is far superior to the BOB. 2 miles out and turned around out of fear of losing radio contact with the airplane.
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