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With all of the mahogany covering boards and deck inlays glued in their location on the sub deck we can now start the filling of the fields with the deck planking and caulking lines. All of the planking for the deck will be made from 1/16 x 1/4 x 36 basswood, with the caulking strips made from the .040 x .080 x 24 white styrene plastic strips.

The first step will be in outlining the covering boards and the mahogany inlays with a caulking strip. The use of a hair drier will help in softening the caulking strip so it will bend rather than break when bending into the radius against the covering boards.

Start at the bow of the boat and heat up the center of one of the strips with the hair direr. Then with the strip standing on edge (the .020 side), form it into the radius an tack glue at the base of the strip with thin CA glue. Now working back each leg of the strip, holding it tight against the covering board, tack glue the strip every inch or so with the thin CA glue.
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