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The next part to be installed is the back deck inlay. This part is really three different pieces, which will have to be carefully marked and cut before gluing in position. The reason for this is so that you will have matched grain from one piece of mahogany veneer showing in the finished deck.

Take the part butt it against the transom covering board, making sure that the center lines match up. Check and make sure that the front of the mahogany inlay is on the center line of the deck at the front of the veneer. Now with a sharp pencil, mark each side edge of the mahogany inlay on the sub deck. Also put pencil marks on top of the inlay on each side were it crosses over the front edge of the hatch frame opening (#F7A). Remove the mahogany inlay and draw with a straight edge, a line across the hatch opening marks. Carefully cut on the line with a sharp Xacto knife making sure not to split the wood on the ends of the cut. (Note: Cut in from the edge of the mahogany veneer form each side to prevent split out of the wood.)

This first piece can now be glued in position with the 12 minute epoxy glue using the pencil lines on the sub deck and the center line on the mahogany veneer for location. Remember to clean up any excess glue that comes out the edges of the veneer when taping and weighting the part down.
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