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I had the same worries as you with an 81 inch spitfire that I built a few years back.
I kept looking at it sitting there on the floor and finally I couldn't take it any more. After about 2 months I put it in the air and am glad I did as it flew beautifully.
It has served me well over about 6 years now and is still going strong but is beginning to show it's age a little.
No sense in turning it into a hangar queen. Ya built it with the idea of flight or you wouldn't have put any electrics into it.
Just wait for a good weather flying day and put it up there.
If the Center of Gravity is on and you don't have too much throw in your control surfaces I'm sure you'll be fine.
You should have plenty of lift with 3 wings, and coupled with the drag you should pull off of the airframe I would think it should be a pretty good slowflyer.
Believe me, the thrill you have of looking at your great work will be multiplied by 10 after your first successful flight with it.
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