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Build Log
The Official Raven 3M build thread has begun.

Welcome, this thread will be a build log and discussion area for the Raven 3M, a 3 meter TD plane designed by Mike Smart. Starting this October I, and some of you, will be building this wonderful woodie. I am starting the thread now because I have been getting questions about the plane in other threads and I want to get the information in one central location. I am certainly not the first person to build one of these and if you look around RCGroups you can find a couple of build threads that were started but never finished.

So what is a Raven 3M? Well in this case it is the largest in a family of TD planes created by the English designer, Mike Smart, during the 1980's. The Raven 3m is also the newest in the series and has the most build variations. It is only available as plans so this will be a scratch build. A unique design aspect of this plane is that Mike has included different wing options to suite most any flyer. It can be built with the gull wing as a aileron, elevator, rudder, pictured below, or it can be built with straight dihedral wings for ailerons, elevator, rudder, or it can be built with poly-dihedral for rudder, elevator, spoiler. Flaps can easily be added to any of the optional wings styles if so desired. Additionally it can be built with a foam core, balsa sheeted wing. You bagged wing guys could very easily bag this wing with FG or carbon. Multiple wing sets can be used with the same fuselage giving you many flying options.

I have had the opportunity to talk with Mike, via email, and he is planning to join this thread to answer any build or technical question that might arise. As of now there are three of us planning to build it this fall/winter. I am certain that the other builders will chime in here as soon as they see the thread. I am planning to build mine as a traditional glider and at least one of the builders is going to electrify his. I am planning to build the wing using carbon to cap the spar to make it a little stronger to better withstand those winch launches. It can still be flown as a woodie this way. This plane does not qualify for NOS events as it was designed in 1986.

I will do my best to answer any questions that arise and any that I cannot answer can be fielded by Mike. I hope some of you will join us in building it this fall and please feel free to ask questions. I have included a couple of pictures so you can see what it looks like.

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