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Originally Posted by Bilbobaker View Post
That's the way they come and it really works so I think you are right.
Thats the way the RTF version(s) came. I have a 3 channel RTF Cox P-47 and I flew it yesterday 2 flights and its outstanding in the wind due to its heavy wing loading @ 5.75 oz. Even as a 3 channel it has very good control and is also reliable as I have been flying it almost 4 years (10 flights per year average) and have had no problems with it.

edit..the 3 channel RTF plane is near impossible to roll. Roll rate = 0.

One more thing I would like to mention is, these planes are not all that easy to fly due to the fact that they must be "hand launched". All my Cox planes have landing gear and steering tail wheels that greatly enhance this planes life span. I have broke 3 Cox planes in half trying to hand launch them. I think if these planes had came with factory landing gear, they would have been wildly popular. I think most peoples experience was a bad one due to the plane breaking in half on a bad hand launch. Its not that the planes are fragile, but the RTF planes were heavy @ 5.75 oz and would certainly get damaged or broke in a bad launch attempt so everyone thought they were fragile so they reinforced them with CF and such and made them even more heavy exasperating the weight problem. The problem was the weight and lack of landing gear.

I use plastic wheels on my planes as that allows the plane to skid on the pavement as apposed to "flipping over". With foam or rubber wheels, one mistake during landing and the plane flips on the pavement which results in airframe damage every time. The mall pavement I fly on is kinda rough and plastic wheels work better especially on smaller planes. Plastic wheels don't look good as foam of course but its about functionality over looks in this case.
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