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Just remember Karma....this act of taking care of the troop might not come back to you a week, a month or even years...but it will come back to you tenfold.

I had a buddy in Desert Storm who was a Commander of a postal company...if you remember, the mail was a BIG thing....when allthe trucks had been taken for movement, this young LT had no way of getting the mail to the he liberated a garbage truck, got the mail to the troops and acomplished the "high profile" mission. No harm done, no one got hurt....but he got relieved for his actions. He should have been commended.

My dad used to tell me storied of how they "Liberated" German homes to sleep in during WWII. He also sent me a letter while I was in BAsic training with this note: "Illegitimis non Carborundum" ~ "Don't Let the bastards get you down". I had that with me at every duty station I was assigned.

Turn these 14 days into something positive. Come up with a solution for the commo SOP for situations like this. Get it streamlined in a positive, procative way. As long as you don't get any non-judicial punishment...FIDO !

Hopefully just some words of encouragement!

Stay safe and keep taking care of the troops!

Happy 4th! Thanks for your service!!!!!

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