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Now that is what I call thinking out of the box. Or on top of the stove.

I had seen some of the videos showing re-flow soldering but with solder paste and in a toaster oven and had dismissed them because of the problem of getting the solder paste(Needs to be kept refridgerated). But this puts a whole new light on the situation.

To hold SMD parts in place while soldering. Take a piece of single strand copper household wiring about 150 mm long. Bend the last 10/20 mm on each end up 90 degrees. Take another piece of the same wire and twist one end around the middle of the first wire so that the second wire ends up at an angle about 10 or 20 degrees to the first wire. Like a "Y" with a narrow "V". Make the ends of the first wire point up and put a bend on the end of the second wire so it matches length of the other arms of the "Y". Turn it over so the ends are all pointing down. The single end/bottom of the "Y" will sit on top of the SMD part and hold it in place while the other ends will stop the "device" from falling over while you solder. Adjust sizes/angles and weights to suit. You can solder the join. Or not.

Thank you KK.
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