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Originally Posted by rikybob View Post
Hi again Buzz!

Welcome, I don't know that it will be all that popular a thread but a nice place to talk about the otherwise considered off topic on the BOL thread.

Folks there have really, really been tolerant of our dallying and I just want to give them a break!

Yeah, I felt sort of bad about interrupting them too. I don't think you'll find a better group of people from all over the world than the guys at RCU on the BOL thread. I fully intend to keep in touch with them.

I am leaving on annual leave tomorrow and won't be back till the 13th then possibly deployed to the panhandle........if I am not on rotation (I won't know prolly for some days) I can help you when I get back!

Lord, what a mess BP has made out of our coast up there. I'm feeling it would be very hard to contain that oil spill before it gets to the Gulf Stream east of me.

I really recommend that you have a pal when you fire that baby up and I know it has been some days and yer prolly ready but I have pretty good experience with that platform!

Well, Tony and I were talking and although I've flown them before... it was a long time ago and this is a totally different animal. I had the C/G so far off on the 450, it took off backwards. That's what caused the crash.

But if you can hold on I promise to catch up with you if I can before deployment!

I hope they don't deploy you up there for a long time. Things are going to get rough .. we haven't seen anything yet! Oil up that side arm, and be careful my friend. I'll probably play with all of the settings on the 450 when it gets here and I have to put the tail, head and drive gear on.... plus the belt. But, that's the way you learn... I hope you have a laptop to take with you so you can stay in touch here.


If you can't just go slooooowwww!

Lemme know!

SLOW? What is that? Heh, heh, heh.... yeah, I don't think I'll try to take off and hover before you get back..... maybe.

Enjoy your time off!


Know that I offered!

Remember, BE the helicopter, BE the HELI!

Best to ya!


Edit: Yeah, the problem is, is that the is a HUGE suspended oil plume in the gulf UNDER the water! It hasn't raised its ugly head yet but is six miles long and hundreds of feet deep!

We will see!
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