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Originally Posted by killbucket View Post
These all should have that in freeking bold on the box: these are not your father's ni-cads.
I wonder why they don't mention this in the instruction manuals? They give you the obligatory 'do not overcharge' and 'don't subject to extreme heat/cold' blurb but neglect to mention the adverse affect of running down the battery..usually it's just a Chinglish 'if power fail then recharge' statement - which is usually too late by then.

Of course it's a double-edged sword; if they DON'T mention it then maybe people will simply buy a new heli when the battery dies = more sales. But then again, if the heli fails after only a few flights then some people simply won't ever buy from them again = less sales.

Pity Syma can't put a link to this site and forum in their instruction manuals.

On the topic of instruction manuals, why is it that no matter what you buy (I'm talking hi-fi, cameras, etc) you only get a 'quick start' guide and end up downloading the full manual off the manufacturers website?? Happens with everything I ever buy.
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