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Originally Posted by killbucket View Post
Nice to see that in video form, much easier to get.

Whatever you do, re-charge BEFORE battery weakness.
One full death is enough forever.

These all should have that in freeking bold on the box: these are not your father's ni-cads.
Man, I feel old: "father's ni-cads". I started with fixed wings as a teenager. NiCds was all we had. And too weak and heavy for propulsion. So we used little .8 cm2 or 3.5 cm2 combustion engines with our own fuel mix.

I thought I had totally gotten over RC flying. I've been "clean" for over 25 years. That is until a friend gave me an old Picooz a few weeks ago and I got hooked again I did a few mods to the picooz to make it fly a bit more predictable and in search of more info about the picooz I stumbled across this forum with info about the S107. The rest is history.

Back in the days I "flew" the 4-channel heli of a friend (also combustion engine powered) for a few seconds. With no electronic assists if felt like trying to balance a broom upside down on your fingertip. Scary. At that point I decided that helis were not for me. The S107 (just got my second one yesterday) feels like driving an RC car compared to the old experience. I'm glad to see where technology got us. And I'm excited to see where this will lead. Totally amazing...
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