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Originally Posted by sgbfly View Post
Hi Brian,

Good idea this thread Although my Big Lama's are uneasy about the word "converts"!

An external BEC is something I have resisted on my HK450-GT and so far after 20 lipo's no sign of a brownout. I'm not convinced an external BEC is needed for the majority of builds unless you use power hungry servos etc. The Hobbywing Pentium / Turnigy Plush 40A esc's have 3A BEC's which are serving me well.

A point of interest related external BEC's is the Spektrum rx's seem to have poor low voltage performance and are more vulnerable to brownouts than most (read here about half way down).

Also, I have now wired a xt60 onto this well priced lipo and hope to test later. GePower is a good brand in my experience.

Mornin' Simon!

"Convertz" with a "z" by definition doesn't disinclude the opportunity to enjoy the Coaxial just to include the use of a CP bird!

Yeah, mebbe that was my issue with the Spektrum Rx in that as you know I experienced brown out with the new servos.

I do recall the 72mhz system giving trouble when the Rx too near the brushless motor but I am really at a loss.

ESC's do go bad though.

Hope your tried and true GE's work to specs!

Glad you are visiting.....didn't want to wear out my welcome on the BOL thread!

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