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Originally Posted by Blooner View Post
Very cool water skids.

Pretty daring to fly your copter over water though :P

I certainly won't try it when I get mine. Though you naturally have a lot of spare copters in your hangar, whilst I am still waiting for my first one to arrive.
believe it or not my fleet is alot smaller than KillBucket and Redbaron25,
at the moment my only fully functioning heli is the S107, alothough while putting it all away I did snap the tail wires and a main motor wire off the board, found a photo of where they should go so it will be up again soon.

Here's what I have and it's current condition
  1. Mk1 picooz, snapped tail wire.
  2. RED5 Hummingbird, needs 75mAh lipo.
  3. S026 chinook, 210 lipo replaced with 420mAh, teathing problem.
  4. S006 alloy shark, needs new 1000mAh lipo
  5. S012 apache, needs new 90mAh lipo.
  6. silverlit Xtwin, broken elevatator.
  7. chinook, jamming blades.
  8. chinook, water damaged cell (before I had it)
  9. chinook, snapped main motor wired, fixed.
  10. 7 X picooz sidewider, 1 is my daughters the rest are mostly parts bin.
  11. S022 chinook, needs new 7.4v lipo.
  12. S107, flying guinnie pig

If the more refined floats work well and look good I'll cover the PCB in spray on plaster (it's great when your cutting lemons and limes).
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