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The Quanum telemetry unit - a useful idea: Part4


The Version2 of this product is usable now as the first available flying gas gauge at a reasonable price (about $80.00 with the current and temp sensor) that you can use with your existing radio gear. It’s accurate enough for the purpose, particularly if you take the time to check the current range with a decent Wattmeter and know what the error is.

It has a great second use as a battery charging monitor. I know you are never supposed to leave LiPos charging unattended, but if they are in a fireproof container in a shed you can plug one of these in and monitor the charge current, actual battery temperature and the total mAh put into the battery from somewhere else in the (warm) house. You need to wire up the connectors on the sensor in reverse since the Hall effect sensor only measures current in one direction but it works just fine through four double brick walls and the inbuilt Rx battery lasts for well over an hour.


This thing could be a lot more useful with a few simple software changes.

1) At minimum, change the silly second screen to show just current and mAh and temperature in BIG letters. That’s what you need to see at a glance when flying.
2) Change the default LV alarm to a more useful 3.4V.
3) Add a user calibration feature for LV alarm and both cell voltages and current. Hold both buttons down for 10 seconds to initiate (would avoid accidental changes and confusing folks who want to use it as-is out of the box). Each of LV alarm, 6x cell voltages and the current would flash in turn for say 3 secs and while flashing you use the Bind or Power button to increment or decrement the value. A final option under this would be to change to a Fahrenheit option on the temperature readout.

I know the cost of changing mouldings is a killer but if a small slide switch could be added to the case of the Rx you could have a RUN and SET position.
Then you could have something REALLY useful if the re-programming could be done.

1 In the RUN position it works as now
2 While it is on, switch to the SET position and a default mAh rating for a battery flashes. While flashing use the BIND and POWER buttons to increment or decrement to set your actual battery capacity. After 3 sec, it moves to a flashing default 20% alarm setting. Increment or decrement as desired. After 3 sec it moves to a flashing default 3.4V Cell Volt Alarm setting. Increment or decrement as desired.
3 Switching back to RUN at any time saves the settings and the second screen then displays %mAh used as a bar graph which flashes when you reach the alarm setting and the beeper goes whenever the mAh limit or cell volt limit is reached.

Be interested in what other folks think and other suggestions.

Quanum, you guys following the forums? Hyperion, Junsi and others have built a strong customer support base and improved their products significantly by talking to users on here.

UPDATE: Someone asked for a picture of how the Current/Temp sensor is connected. I've put that in post # 88
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