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yeah was just thinking . I would make canards semi fixed. ( a small controll horn se to a small chunk of bailing wire , so i can ajust thier AA/pitch easily .

Tom yep , i will be working the tail area , & had thought of making a upper offset .
That is a 1/2 pod like bump near top of rear mount plate. then i would dove tail in the bottom of the end of fuse.
this woudl give a + 3 " from bottom of plane . or only a inch or so of prop may hang down below . that thrust line would still be very low & i can use the leftover tail bits to make it .

but looks liek carard wili be semi fixed unitill i either add a servo , and link to flaps or regular elivator .

- flaps or spoilers.
i figure that TE setion of wing between boom and fuse could house / be a good air brake / spoiler , or even a flap . i have a few ideas for that . ( but will start as 3 ch only , then add ailerons )

- note if all is trim as it is now with only a touch of canard up . it glides ok . that tail has made a bif dif' over yesterday's chuck .
cant wait to see if i have enough to order what i need .. soon .
( i need a start-up kit , charger & lipo & then the usuals . but that means it will be cheaper for me on subsiquent builds )
i will weight it soon . ( cringes , and wonders if plane need to go on a diet . LOL )
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