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was going to, but we just got dumped on. prolly 1/2 inch in an hr. so its WET WET WET. and we ALL know how well Castle loves the wet. lol NOT.

SO i took to doing some repairs and another mod to mine.
had to fix on of the crash bar holders so it was stay put, broke the bolt last week. check over the other holders and all is ok.

had to redo the rear shock. lost the bottom retaining clip, so the shock was blown out with no oil, only spring action. lol BUT, last week while i was at Silver Lake with the HPI Bajas, i ran it around the camp site. Went quite good. had alot of the fellow campers as well as most of us baja fruits watching it. was pretty bouncy due to the oil less rear shock. but over all was fun, and seemed to get some interest, not only from the Baja guys, but other SL afficienados as well.

Too Bad i didnt/dont have a sand paddle and front sand wheel for it. i think it would of went over quite well out in the dunes, If only for a paddle. Trying to find one of the old 1/8th scale PL paddles is about as easy as capping a leaking well, that only a mile deep. pretty much impossible.

that was it for repairs, Oh expect i had to put another bolt in to holde the front fender on. lost one at some point.

as far as the mod, i just took the dremmel, and killed off the rest of the knobbys on the stock rear tire as it was about hit. the parking lot running at the hotel in the last couple weeks has taken its toll. heh.
after i got the tire down to a slick. i test fit up the 1/8th PL Badlands tire over the stocker. checked it out for afew mins, determined what i had to do to make it fit, and commenced to getting it done.

heres a pic of it with the new rear re tread. I wasnt safe or keen on being clean with the glue, my purpose was to adhear the new Badlands to the stock tire, to ensure no slipping or ballooning ect...

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