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KB i really do see where your coming from BUT the points you make simply are not valid for this size of machine. If we were messing about at school in a classroom full of kids with one or if we were talking about a 4g3 or bigger for example then i would agree with you but we are not, viper is making a scale autogyro and im making a scale kamov, you have to change things around to get them to look and fly right.
Making new blades means the AUW can be changed which is important, if your playing with a standard machine then i agree theres simply no point in altering somthing that works but at this moment in time i cant speak for viper but mine is too heavy so things need to change.

A stray finger into the standard blades probably wouldnt even get a red mark but surely somthing made lighter and softer is only better to avoiding injury.

Take a look around the site KB because i think you will find making blades is certainly no rocket science and most people who are into the hobby for real have tried it or would try it on somthing this small. Check out eqmods posts for example, his blades are made from styrene cups i think.

A set of blades may only be $5 to you but to me im thinking they will be around the price of a new helicopter once import and postage has been taken into consideration.

I have made my own helicopters on and off for 20 years, by that i mean large machines with everything from the frames to the head to the blades, its certainly not out of my reach to change the blades on a cheap plastic toy.

Please dont forget these are only just that, A CHEAP PLASTIC TOY.

Incidentally i am going to suggest the blades dont need varying thickness and infact shouldnt have varying thickness, my standard ones dont seem to have from memory and as long as you have a simple airofoil on them some flat bits of balsawood will likely work.

You stick to covering yours with glitter and paint and we shall continue developing them to fly better.
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