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Why is my Slow Stick so heavy?

Why is my Slow Stick so heavy?

Dr. Phil says it's all my fault, and Richard Simmons won't return my emails. I'm completely befuddled.

The stock weight is supposed to be between 12 and 15.5 ounces, though I don't know if that includes a battery pack. With batteries, my AUW is 23 oz.

The light stuff:

I am using 9 gram servos, 5 gram receiver, 5 gram speed control, and only applied one decal on the main wing, lol. I'm using the stock LG, no reinforcement, and stock main wing reinforcement. I even left out the stock battery mounts!

The potentially heavy stuff:

I have a one ounce 5/16" square stick in the fuse, a bamboo skewer at the LE of the horizontal stabilizer, and a 5" piece of the same 5/16" stock along the vertical stabilizer(can't weigh more than a few grams).

My battery pack is heavy. No getting around it. It's a homemade pack that weighs an eyelash under 6 oz even.

But that still leaves me at 17 oz w/o battery. Since the SS was made to run full size gear, shouldn't my ounce and a quarter in extras be made up for by the micro gear? How could ANYONE get it down to 12 oz stock?

All this said, it flies well. VERY well. This is my second SS, and the first one was 5 oz heavier, but that's another story alltogether. It climbs out fine, loops, ROG's, everything I would expect from it and a bit more. I HAVE checked my weight on another scale too, lol... just in case.

Thank you for viewing, and all comments/ suggestions are welcome.

Bill in the Delta

**EDIT** when re-reading the post, I noticed some numbers didn't add up, I re-weighed everything and ammended it..
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