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Originally Posted by prasadavala View Post
Hi ,
I bought s107 copter from ebay and i tried to fly it but it is not flying up. all the parts ae working good but it is not going up in the air. Is anybody faced this problem?
Please let me know the solution to fix it to fly up.
Prasad, you are saying that all parts working? If they were working, you'd have lift What does it look like? Is the heli struggling to lift off? Or are the blades turning too slow? Are upper and lower rotor turning properly?

There are only two things I can think of:

1.) Gears loose (most likely cause IMHO): Hold one of the gears and *GENTLY* try to rotate the corresponding blades. The upper cog is connected to the lower rotors, the lower cog to the upper rotors. If the upper rotor is loose you can tighten the screws holding it to main shaft. If it's the lower rotor you can try pushing it a bit downward until the slipping stops. Check this post for further info.

2.) Battery may be bad or not sufficiently charged: Remove the canopy and inspect the LiPo visually. Is it bloated like a balloon? Also check the voltage with a multimeter if you have one. Fully charged the LiPo should be at 4.2 Volt. If it's not fully charged, try a different charging method: Use the transmitter if you've been charging via USB or USB if you've been charging from the transmitter before.
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