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Originally Posted by djdavies83 View Post
How do you do that manuver?
hmm well I;ve taken the flybar weights off, the rear struts and moved the lg a bit forward. Yep it's not as stable in hover thats for sure, but what I do is get it moving forward, turn 180 (right seems better?) and push up the throttle a little, if it rises too much back off a bit and go for another straight-turn (might need 2 or 3 trips), if it tips forward you found the sweet spot and push the throttle more and _hang on_! You'll know what i mean about it tipping forward when it happens, the s107 is usually dead flat when stock, but watching it pitch over is kinda fun (I think it's like you're trying to swing a pendulum. get some-any- speed, turn 180 and go forward again. Momentum makes the heli swing a little against the turn and that tips it over a little now in the direction of flight. Now with the main blades really pushing it forward it picks up speed.)

Also still working out exactly what I'm doing, but starting the same, once it tips forward, up the throttle and hold a bit of right rudder, and nose in funnel! More power tends to make the funnel smaller if its tipping over, but as you loose the pitch forward watch out for the walls and ceiling!
(p.s. if you get out of control, bail out of the rudder and she self stabilizes quick, but watch the throttle)

p.p.s i think someone also posted a trick a while ago where you turn and drop the throttle a bit and then full forward and punch the throttle up. The 'recovery' made it pitch forward and go fast. But that hurt the gears?
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