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Can somebody tell me if im right:)

Hey everybody I've been looking around for someways to make a thrust tube for my T45 to see if i could get any performance increase. After looking around on rcgroups and some videos i found a great idea make it out of a paper cup. So I did I got one from subway, first i was just going to cut it the right size fan not really worrying about the exit diameter. Then I did some research on thrust tubs and found a hole bunch of info on FSA and the percentages that it needs to be for making and effective thrust tube. On my research hunt for thrust tubes i did find most of the info needed but it wasnt all in one place so I decided to make a video. The video is over how to find your fsa and the right percentage it needs to be also on me installing it into my Sapac T45.

I'm about 90% sure that all the info and math in the video is right, but if im wrong can someone please tell me and I will fix it. Don't want to tell someone the wrong thing.

well enjoy

How to make a cheap and easy thrust tube for your edf jets (4 min 19 sec)

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