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The only caveate with the 400 is the intimidation factor of the rotor doing anywhere from 2400 to 3000 rpm. The cost of the radio is soon amortized quickly when multiple helicopters (or aircraft) are programmed into it, saving the cost of a radio for each and every model. When a local experienced heli pilot is asked to help setup an older heli, then that can be used to get some experience on the CP platform. If a Blade CP is setup correctly and it has fresh batteries, main motor, and tail motor, they are quite nice to fly. If isn't anyone local to help, the 400 with help from some good pilots here is a very good choice that will not break the bank for typical upsets. I have decked mine twice since last November and the most expenive damage was 120 bucks as there was not too much undamaged. It now sports a 4 blade head on its way to becoming a Hughes 500C. Have fun.

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