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Duel / Two / 2 / Pair POWERLAB 8

Here is a tip or two for those who will be using two of these as Primary - Expansion.

Note :: Do Not attempt Pri. / Exp. connections until the OK has been announched . At this time such is still in Beta Testing. Leave your PL78 selected as Primary only and do not join with a Y-harness.

Being lazy I did not enjoy having to disconnect / reconnect one of the Y- lead ends and having to go into the charger's Options and switching one charger from Primary to Exp. and then back to Primary ,etc. FMA's Engineer changed the coding so that once a charger is set as Expansion Unit it will remember this setting. I added a switch to my Y-harness and now going fro two seperate Priary units to a Primary / Expansion and then back is as simple as flipping a switch.

The Y-harness was made from two 6" servo extensuions. The FMA dogel has a male end which plugs into a femal servo connector end and two male servo ends plug into the chargers. From the splice to the left hand charge connection is 6" from the right hand (Primary ) charger to the splice is 2" and from the splice to the dogel connection is 4". The single pole single throw switch which I stoll of of a old donor Transmitter breaks the signal (white) lead going to the Expansion charger..

Power leads adapter is two 2 -1/2" lengths of 1/2 copper pipe with 3" 12gage leads soldered to the pipe and terminated in APP 45amp. connector.

Title is an effort to make this post easier to locate with the search.
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