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well that is handy to know .
I was looking at aft part of fuse , it appears to bend down .
or thta is if you take off all the parts the tail looks like it bends down .
but in level flight , it's level and it's the nose that looks lower . That's prolly how it glides so well out of the bag.

I made some ply templates of it's areofoil , for foam cutting later . if i want to try some wacky stuff , i can just hotwire cut from laminated pink foam . could be fun to try diff wings on the default / stock body setup . like a higher aspect ratio and less sweep.
forward swept is what i was thinking . but that is for way later.

- going to wally has become funny . wife gose off to makup and cloths , and i check the quality of the titans inthe bins for a good one . I have found some have been sitting on thier tail too long , while all itakes is some boiling water to remove sfufs and dents , i sorta suck sitting and holding a tail to un bend it . LOL (bloddy memory foam )
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