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wow!!!! She looks great so far!!!!!!! So excited!!!! I can't pass a target anymore without making sure they have a few titans in stock!! Lol. I feel like we are the only ones buying them!!!! Lol

like I said -- looking good -- I admire your building planning and skills!!! I'm finally at the point where the aesthetics are a little more important. I'm doing more planning as opposed to my usual "just get'er in the air cuttin' n' chuckin'!!" lol

make sure u do a glide test before u load her up!!! When I was building my funjet bash-- my initial glide testing had a major nose down attitude! It was only corrected by adjusting the canard angle. If u notice -- even on the stock airframe -- the elevator is angled up quite a bit (more than u would think) for level flight. good luck!!!

Originally Posted by Prime_8 View Post
a whole bunch more done .

the wings are hot glued onto the wing hatch .
It bolts up nice and firm .

( i will show inside wing area later )

as it is + the stuff left to go on ~11oz.
but proly finish up at 9oz after sanding and shaping of those bits .
motor & esc = 3.4 oz
+ 4.1 for a 11.1 volt 1300 mah 30C lipo.
+ 1.3 oz for servos (4 of em)
19.8 oz

so ~2oz to play with for radio gear . LOL

teh motor with one of the props i'm planning on makes 22 oz of thrust @ 19a & 60mph (by prop pitch speed)

the other prop makes 28oz of thrust , at 23A

esc is good for 30a continuious and 35a burst (10 sec) .
i know we look for better than 50% T/W , but i would like 1:1 or better

never know when a blast could save the day. so at 50 % throtle should be a nice fly
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