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Thanks... what I was thinking on the fuse, after looking at some more pics of the real one, was that from the front to the end of the canopy could be sheeted, and the top portion as a hatch, for the battery and servo access, and just stringers from there back. That way it would look pretty much like the real deal..... or not.

I got some time tonight so I went and played around with the ribs a little, just to see how to do it in Inventor. Are those supposed to be separate parts, the ribs, spars etc. or is it possible to make cut files if the whole wing is a solid?
Cool, looking good... and yeah, after the wing is cut up, I usually save off each rib, spare, etc. to their own file and use those to make cut files from. But it is possible to make them from the single wing file.
Hmm, maybe I'll do it that way first and see if it's any easier.

I have to say, I feel like an idiot right now. I just realized that I probably should have scaled this thing up in the beginning
What size is it now? you could just leave it as is.

Or you could try to just scale everything up to the size you want, but I have a feeling it might get a little funky on you, but hey, it's worth a try. By funky I mean that the planes used to cut it up with, probably won't scale up, or out, and you'll have to re-adjust those, and maybe tweak some sketches too, for cut-outs & stuff.

More to come soon,
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