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Aurora A9 - Dual Elevator (Ailevator) - Set Up.

[QUOTE=rino;15373817] Set up dual elevators on the Optima 9.
7955 TGs on a 2s lipo. The second elevator is assigned to ch6.
Anyways, it works but the trim is off between the two and the ch6 elev flutters every 4 seconds.

Dual elevators can be set up using either
1. Ailevator program and setting one elevator servo to be ELE2. Trim may be effected if other mixing is used.
2. Assigning the ELEV function to the two channels that you have them plugged into.
(If you do not use the ailevator function, do not assign ELE2 to any channel.)
The two halves should then read everything the same - check on the monitor screen as well as two other servos in need.
3. Intermittent flutters suggests servo or lead may need examination. - any extension leads in use?.

"Ailevator" is selected under System Menu > [MDL Type] > Tail > [Ailevator] > Set.
If programming already started, please reset that model memory and start over as in:
. Aurora 9 - Programming Problem? - Parameters must be set in correct ordere.g. V_tail, see chart.

17 Jan 2011 added:
Ailevator set up for A5 Vigilante
. includes 'Ailevator vs Taileron vs V-Tail information".

ex Aurora A9, Spectra Pro & Optima - FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

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