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As jkettu has said, you need to measure your amps to make sure everything is running within it's ratings.

A possible issue when you change to higher-C battery is that your present pack might have been restricting the amount of amps the motor can get so, when you change to a pack with higher C, that restriction will be gone and the motor will be able to draw what it really wants -- which might be more amps than before.

I would have expected the stock batteries to be appropriately sized for the model, so it might also be worth checking if there's anything obvious that's making them overheat, like a bad motor, or no cooling airflow.

Edit: How long are your flights? If you're getting your 20C packs too hot, then in theory you've been running at somewhere close to 20C (44A for those packs), which will only give you 3-minute flights. And have you been running the packs until there's no more power left in them? That'll cause them to heat up as they run down to dangerously low voltage.
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