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well found my old BR motor .
it is a bit smaller that my other glider motor .

the 8x4 prop was just hangin' around , so it became the test prop.

i had to make the prop adptor . as my LHS don;t have them in size to match that motor shaft . nor do they have a gear box that would fit if i wanted. LOL

i tested the prop adaptor on / with my dremmel at higest speed for 5 min . no vibration beyond what the thing has normaly, and was solid .

but could i find a nimh 7.2 pack ( share it with my RC car ) . or a 9.6 for same nope. no love . this shocks me as all my boats and cars use 7.2 & 9.6 NiMh packs and LHS only had a few over priced ones . I was sure wally or shack or such woul have em ... nope.

:: mad mount and tested with 2 packs i found . The 7.2 is ok and seems to be thrust level i remember. but teh 9.6 screams , but it's pack leads get hot . LOL & it blew the titan rite off my table . i'm hoping to get away with 7.2 pack but prolly need 9.6 v for any climb . & i will have to replace the wimpy wires on the 9.6's leads. ( or find a smaller prop some place )
i will order one of the kits from grason hobbies for outrunner, lipo, esc, & prop ~50$ as a package . the same kit was shown to fly a sky hawk no probs at 1/2 throtle . then i will order a charger in same go . soon .
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