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Several flights later: feedback

Well here I am about a dozen or more flights on the Xeno and I have to say I am quite enjoying it as a flying wing. The slightly larger size and weight over the swift 2 gives it greater penetration and with the wing profile a very good glide ratio. Sadly I have to stop flying it because the carbon shaft has given up the ghost. Time to sit and wait for a replacment - not holding my breath.

A couple of things that bother me;

Are the usless winglets. There size is probably ok however because they are at the middle of such a substational model they are usless at keeping the model from waggling unless under power or a decent speed. I figure the design team came over from the micro/funjet production where winglets inboard were all the go. Basic torque physics apply - push a door at the hinge and you require a large amount of force, at the handle it's easy. Same applies for wunglets if the had been molded to the outer edge they would have had more effect than just visually looking good. Don't believe me ? fly it without them attached.... not a lot of difference.

And the outrunner fitted inside the electrics bay ? I have done my best to tape the electrics away from the motor but still have managed a few rubbed wires. Thankfully nothing terminal as yet. Why didn't they use an inrunner ? mold a guard around the outrunner ? Fit the motor inside the pod ? I am looking at modifing my pod to move the outrunner inside the pod, or moving to an inrunner. At the moment I can only fit a 1200 3s pak in the electrics bay and still get everything else in. My swift 2 would carry a 2200 3s pak easily. Sadly not enough room in this one to fit a very common battery size.

I can only think the design was done as no power option and the power added last minute.

Anyway I am enjoying flying the xeno for now and will be worth a few mods. I might even look at a mod to move the winglets out.

Is there a thread out yet for Xeno mods?
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