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Originally Posted by pdawg View Post
Hey guys,

I just read this entire thread. I was expecting to find you guys using 28mm motors but I wasn't expecting to learn about an alarming number of wing failures. I actually like the clever wing construction however it doesn't appear to be sufficient for a pylon racer. While I believe the airframe should be able to handle the weight of the systems that you guys are using I have to say that the weight is what appears to be folding these wings...not the speed.

I was planning to recommend an 28mm ARC to a friend who bought a Rifle but at this point my recommendation it going to be the 20mm ARC 110 and a 3s 1320. This is the trusty system I've used in many of my Micro Stingers. Its good for around 120 mph in that airframe but most importantly its a light setup.

In an actual pylon race its pretty standard to pull more than 30g turns around pylon 1. It wouldn't be wise to subject this airframe to anything close to that but if you can reduce the weight a little you can drastically reduce the load the wing is subjected to in the turns. From your reports the Rifle looks and is advertised as a pylon racer but is not built to handle the load. Its capable of going fast in a straight line but can't handle the G's of a tight turn. The best option at this point is a light power system.
Good observation.. mine didnt snap untill i went up to a 2200 mah battery.. Isnt that ARC motor rated for 100 watts? What prop is used? The stock 24mm ammo puts out up to 350watts on 4.7" prop to go 120mph.. the rifle is bigger than the stinger fg in terms of wing area a empty weight.
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