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Prepare to be amazed by my idiocy; I do this only so that others don't make the same mistakes.

Unfortunately, I think I might be the only one that put the ESC in the little ESC-shaped nook/compartment between the engine mount and the upper open compartment. I don't have a picture, but there's a slot that fit my Turnigy Plush 40amp perfectly. I regret it now because it can't be removed without some disassembly, and there's no airflow in there. Now I'm going to have to cut it out... carefully. Why is the nook there given these disadvantages?

While I'm 'fessing up to my embarrassing assembly decisions in the hopes that others don't repeat them, I also want to ask why has no one put the GPS chip in the little compartment right over/behind the nose? It fits there perfectly, protects the chip, and provides LOS to satellites overhead. It seems like a great place, but I assume I'm missing something because I haven't seen anyone else put it there.

Oh yeah, and one more thing for fellow newbz. Don't glue the wooden disk to the foam engine mount before you mount the engine. Initially, I thought that I'd be able to drill into it with self-tapping screws after gluing the disk in place to secure the engine, but quickly learned that I needed metal receiving nuts (wrong terminology I know) on the back to hold it in place, even with lock-tite. I had to fashion another wooden disk, mount the motor, and then glue that disk the first one (which can't be removed without an act of demolition). It looks a little ridiculous.

See, Sander? Some of us do need manuals.
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