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Originally Posted by techspy View Post
Thanks for the info LFLoTiTo. I assume you mean you gave full rudder left instead of full aileron left? Any idea what your approx rudder deflection is at full turn? I am just trying to get an idea on what the max should be as I did notice quite a bit of altitude loss when turning with rudder and had to add quite a bit of elevator and aileron to keep it straight. Maybe I was just using too much rudder. So to make sure I understand, even though you gave full rudder in the setup, the gain and limit values determine how much rudder is actually used by the OSD in RTH? What about the elevator mix? Does it match exactly what it saw in setup or does it use gain setting somewhere?
You are correct, I wrote it wrong (fixed now).

The gains/limits seems to reduce your inputs, thatīs why I gave full rudder during the wizard. The wizzard suggests that you simulate a turn, but I have learned on my other plane that if I do that I will have to greatly increase the gains latter. So on this one I gave 100% and it worked from start.

I donīt know about the elevator as I did not bother to check itīs deflections since the RTH was working smoothly. But at 10% input, it wonīt make such a difference.

Erwin and fijnetcom,
Thank you for your nice comments.

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