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More work on the stern.

Started to build more of the stern details. There is a recessed area on the 1:1 boat that has the dual exhaust and mount for the wedge in it. Also cut the stuffing box to the correct length, it's a little shorter than I would like, but there is just not room for a longer tube in this model. It'll work.

FYI- The wedge on the stern of the boat? In case your not familiar with this type of boat, it is designed for wakeboarding and wake surfing. The boat has 4 seperate ballast tanks (1 in the bow, 1 midships, 2 in the stern) that can be filled/drained by pumps to lower the boat in the water to change the wake shape. All 4 tanks add up to about 1900 lbs. of ballast. If you want an even bigger wake, you can reach through an access door on the swim platform and lower the wedge down. The wedge will provide another 1200 lbs. of downforce. Yes, it can make a huge wake. No, I am not good enough to use it. My 2 boys like it though...

The newer Malibu models have a hydraulic wedge controlled from the dash.

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