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Originally Posted by kenelder View Post
I haven't built mine yet (no time) but I did want to share my experience launching a fast 400 size older pylon design just in case it might help anyone. I currently fly a Triffik with a rather overpowered setup (about the same size as the rifle). I have discovered (several repairs and new fuselages later) that its impossible for me or any helpers to hand launch it at full throttle. The torque at full throttle and low roll rate at low airspeed just don't work together.

I usually launch it or have a helper launch it at about 30 deg upward angle and half throttle. Less than half throttle results in a "lawn dart" launch and a new fuselage. Too much throttle results in a hard left roll and its a race to see if the airspeed gets fast enough the ailerons work before it rolls in (usually fuselage repairs).

The control movements on my Triffik are so small that it is basically a projectile with little control until the airspeed builds up. I'd say takeoff is the most exciting part of the flight, after that the high speed is smooth and somewhat calming!

I anticipate the same thing with the rifle when I finally get it done.

Hope this info helps everyone!

kenelder is right on the money. I know to not launch the Rifle at less than half throttle, however, I did one time toss her at just about full. She torqued to the left so bad and I barely had any aileron response, I almost piled her into the pits at my field. She finally regained air over the control surfaces and I was able to fly her out of it. I have found a sweet spot and its about 60% power and it's a pleasant launch every time. I also launch with my right arm and have to get back on the sticks. 30 Degrees is about the angle of my hand launches.

Happy Flying,

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