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flyanything, I would be glad to!

I purchased the plane and all of the recommended parts from the local shop. I first tried the Ammo 3180 and the shaft was bent, returned and got another one. Servos were recommended JR servos, had to build up servo box area in wing for corrected fit. Servo box inside let go, so I re-CA the box before securing. Once the plane was put together, the information on this thread mentioned the wings were folding. I did the Carbon in the wings.
Once that was done, I went to the shop to test the props for amps/rpm and watts with the meters. several props were tested. settled on the 4.75x for maiden. at the time of testing, the front firewall gave way and we had to re-epoxy the wall back on. I have about 12 planes from slow gliders to showtime, stearman, beaver, pulse 25 (fast) and others. I am not too sure footed on the fast pylon racers, but would like to get into that type of craft. Several club member are and fly several different types as well as other faster fan jets and pylon craft. I wanted the maiden flight and trim done from someone with experience and seat of the pants reactive talent. The plane was balanced, cg set correctly, no vibration in prop at high rpm and I had worked on the trim setting to make sure they were free and easy. The battery (1800 hyperion) was set inside with velcro and hard to even remove, so it was set! servos were clear inside and I glued the cables to the side to make sure they were out of the way from the servo movement. The esc (30amp) had velcro to the top of the fuse in front and held in place also by the battery below.
The field was clear of other traffic with a very large flying area. Light winds (calm) early am, at about 70 degrees.
All of the trim settings were set to the recommended levels. Full throttle on take off, toss was about 45 degree.
The plane flew about 30 yards and never would turn and level out.
Well, obviously the guys felt real bad about helping out and having the plane crash, but we did everything we could to make sure it was ok to maiden. I did use pilots with many years of experience rather than trying to maiden myself. The pilot mentioned that the control serfaces even on high rate did not have much affect on the planes attitude while taking off. We are about 5100 ft above sea level and we did make changes to compensate (4.75x4.75 prop). I returned the plane back to the shop and requested they send all of it back to GP for credit on another plane.
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