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Permission to buzz the tower?
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Hi all and great reading on this thread.

I too had my maiden today. I reinforced the wings with 3mm carbon. (No flat stuff was available from my LHS and I didn't want to wait for HK shipping time) I also redid the wing tab. Wasn't sure about the firewall, what to do etc. (See previous post and photos)

My friend threw if firmly but not like a baseball about 30 degrees inclined. It banked left, but I easily saved it and trimmed it out to level. (5 or 6 clicks) It also needed a couple of clicks down elevator, because I like a bit of back stick pressure.

It hummed. It's the fastest thing I've flown. The 4.5x4.0 Graupner speed prop was a slower option, but I would guess 140-160kmh.

I did a couple of passes at WOT which drew some attention! (Mine could be the only one in Australia!) Landing was an issue. It just would not slow down as reported by others. I took a long approach and three heads turned as it zipped past at knee height in ground effect. It landed about 100m away, when I plonked it in about 10cm grass. The prop broke, but the rest was fine.

I loved it and am still peaking adrenaline as we speak! A great entry level plane into speed IMHO.

Can't wait to fly it again. Very happy! (Hope it stays that way!)

Using the Hobby City 28mm 3900Kv motor (the gold one)
Hobby City 40A speed controller (the purple one)
1850 40C Hobby City Batteries (the blue ones)
Futaba S3114 servos (these are black!)

I'm using a Spektrum DX6 radio and had to trim the cover off the AR6000 receiver to fit it in the rear air vent then connect the plugs with tweezers!
With this radio, range can be an issue, so I have to keep this rocket close, which is fine given its size.
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