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Keehopper, really sorry to hear about your loss... I've lost a couple models on maiden flights and it's especially disappointing after all the work and anticipation. Perhaps you could be so kind as to answer some questions so the rest of us can learn something from your misfortune. Were the ailerons pre-flight checked and moving fine before launch? This is crucial because you can never be sure that the aileron control is clear until you bolt the wing into place. Sounds like something (battery?) may have moved inside the fuse when the plane was hand-launched and interfered with the aileron servo movement. What size battery were you using and what was it's position prior to bolting on the wing? Was it held in place by velcro or some other means? Was the battery fastened to the floor or sidewall? Anything you can tell us might be helpful for those still working with this model.

Thanks, and again, sorry.

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