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Bullit Proof landing gear for a HEAVY Slow Stick

Here’s how I made some shock absorbing landing gear for my very heavy (42oz.) Slow Stick.

I was constantly breaking landing gear, even on a mildly hard landing, the kind that a lighter SS would just shrug off.

To be sure…. There are other options for SS landing gear.
The Millennium X-Gear would not hold up to the weight of this plane.
I have seen rigid aluminium gear that would transfer the shock of a hard landing directly to the fuselage (stick).

That would work on a lighter SS, the plane would probably just bounce…. Or break the wheels.

On mine, at the weight it is, the rigid gear would take its toll on the fuse, and might even break it!
I wanted a way to absorb the shock of a hard landing and not destroy the gear or the plane.

Ya ya, I know…. Don’t land hard.


The idea for this gear design is nothing new.
Torsion bar landing gear has probably been used ever since there have been model planes.

I just adapted it to the SS.

Materials used.
Aluminium plate ¾” wide, 1/8” thick.
I bought a piece 48” long from Home Depot and just cut a piece 3” long.
(Lots of spares)

Wire gear legs are bent from 1/8” music wire.
DuBro steel landing gear straps Part# 158.
2 X 1/8” wheel collars
Screws, nuts, washers, general hardware kind of stuff.

The pictures tell the story better than I can……

Edit; forgot to say this gear is not light..... 2.1oz. 60gr.
On my heavy SS it won't even notice it.
If you are flying a light SS... you don't need it....

Edit; just another quick note on this...
If you decide to use this gear design I strongly recommend that you insert/glue a wood stick inside the fuse where the gear attaches.
The forces on the fuse can get quite high and there is a possibility of breaking the fuse.

More EDIT....

I have revised the design, more info in post #71 below....

Edit; More details on how to build the gear in this post #118 >>>
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