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It works. Took me a bit to get it all figured out but everything is working amazingly wonderful.

I am now able to be completely wireless when playing my Simulator in Full Immersion with my Trimersion goggles.

I found a jack receptacle in my electronic junk bin that fit the plug from my simulator. I opend the simulator trainer cable to check there wiring. They are using #3 signal out, #2 grd, and #4 and #5 jumpered together.

I used the Tx (Sparkfun AM434) connected to my Futaba 7C. The Tx outputs 12v and the AM Tx accepts 12V. My wiring Data to pin 3, Grd to Pin 2 and VCC to Pin 4,5. I also took a length of enameld wire approix. 10" long and soldered it onto the ant leg.

The Rx (Sparkfun AM434) is powered from a old 10amp esc for the 5v output along with a 2cell lipo. The plug jack came from something to accept the simulator cable. 5v to Rx, grd to grd (both the plug jack and 5v grd) and data out to the simulator cable.

The goggles are Trimersion hacked goggles that are wireless for the simulator picture, Using 2.4 on the goggles.

Haven't tested full range but was able to play the simulator game (located secon floor from my hobby room basement. Plenty of range.

Only downside is to reset I need the keyboard. Can we say wireless keyboard. LOL

Thanks to all that have contributed to this thread, great idea. A $15 hack is always the best hack. LOL
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