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I put two coats of the Loctite 410 on all of the edges where the wires wrapped the arms and made contact in the "V" between the arms. Those edges had already been deburred with a small abrasive burr and a Dremel tool. The first photo is the stator ready for winding and the second is a close up after the first coat of Loctite 410 (the black stuff).

Loctite 410 is good stuff, it goes on pretty thin but it is really tough once it is set. I put one coat on and let it dry two hours, put the second on and left it overnight.

For the I termination cut all strands the same length and burned the insulation off with a micro torch, cleaned the residue off with emery cloth, and soldered each set of two pairs into a four strand bundle. The three bundles were bent over to point in the same direction and stranded pigtails soldered to them.

I put heat shrink over the solder joints and bundled the motor leads with heat shrink too, it all seems pretty solid. I just don't like to use the solid wire for the motor leads although it does seem to work OK.

The pigtails are different lengths because of the termination locations, the winds are all the same length overall.

The winds are not the best looking job in the world, there were some crossovers from threading the last two or three turns up and through the previous winds as I ran out of room.

I wasn't sure this was going to work or be a keeper so I was a little sloppy on the winds. I'll do better next time.

I would be interested in hearing an explanation as to how I wound up with such a high Kv motor. I'm not complaining, just wondering.

I like the way the motor runs, I can always use a good 2S motor and this will make one. I ran it up with a Great Planes 10 x 4.5 Slow Fly prop and the numbers look real good.

It was pulling about 11A at 3,600 RPM from an A123 2S pack at about 5.5V. I let that run for over 30 seconds and the motor was not even warm to the touch.

That was at a little less than half throttle, I didn't want to go any higher than that for static testing.

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