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Flutter is a standard issue with all types of airplanes, full-sized or model.

Basic causes are too much gap between flight and control surface, control surface not firmly connected to flight surface (hinges allow movement up and down -- solution is firmly glued hinges and tight-fitting hinge slots), or soft control rods.

Solutions are simple:
1) tight gaps or even sealed gaps
2) tight-fitting hinge slots and enough strong wood to prevent flexing of hinge material
3) solid control rods that will not flex under stress

Actually, there's a #4 solution -- back off on the throttle at the onset of flutter AND do not fly all manuvers at full throttle, especially down-lines or the back half of loops.

Alternate solutions involve the use of counter-weights to minimize flight loading on surfaces, whcih would tend to minimize the onset of the oscillation that leads to flutter.
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