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Alright, I'm gonna use an APC 5.5x4.5 to start. On the Turnigy 2835-2700, I got 30.2A, 11.09V, for 335W.

I need some new batteries for sure.

At a rough guess of 28k RPM, that gives a pitch speed of 119.31MPH. Figuring I'll hit somewhere around 85-90% of this, that'll be about 101-107MPH.

Of course, this is based on static testing. If I account for unloading in the air, I may very well hit 120MPH. Some better batteries would make a big difference too.

I'm not happy with the servos installed right now, so I'm going to the LHS to get some new ones tomorrow. While I'm there I'll pick up some CF for the wing.

Also, I replaced the screws for the horizontal stab with some 3x14mm wood screws.

I'm really having a hard time finding somewhere for my RX. I'm using an Airtronics 8ch RX, and it's pretty big. The only place is way up in the nose, but I'm already gonna be battling a nose heavy plane. I might open up the rear vent, then close it some after installing the RX. We'll see.

It'll come together, and I'll make sure to get some video. Hopefully this weekend.
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